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Flavored Pistachios, Great Gifts in Bakersfield, California

Our flavored pistachios make great gifts. Try our different flavors, both salted and unsalted. You'll be glad you did. Contact Smith & Sons Pistachios in Bakersfield, California to learn more.

Pistachios are especially valuable in lowering cholesterol and helping you get enough healthy fat in your diet. If you're looking for a few new snacks to add to your diet, consider these little gems.

Roasted Salted & Unsalted Pistachios
Smith & Sons Pistachios has a variety of pistachios available to you, including roasted salted. If you're watching your salt intake, we also have unsalted roasted pistachios available.

Garlic Pistachios
Just the words garlic pistachios can make your mouth water. Serve these taste tempting treats at parties or have a bowl for personal snacks. Either way, they won't last long. Made with a mixture of garlic and salt, they are delicious.

Hot Spicy Pistachios 
Our hot spicy pistachios will make a great addition to your next party. Made with a mixture of hot and spicy seasoning and salt, at any party they will be one of the first of the snacks to disappear.

All of our pistachios are available in multiple sizes, such as 3lb, 5lb, and 25lb boxes. Order enough to make gifts for others or just enough for yourself.

You will truly enjoy our pistachios. All of our pistachios are grown in California, which is where pistachios of the highest quality are found. They are then roasted, packaged, and shipped directly to you.

Contact us for more information on our roasted pistachio nuts.